Lightweight Development of Commercial Vehicles Promotes Progress in the Die Casting Industry

The reporter learned from the domestic foundry mold market that with the development of lightweight commercial vehicles in China, the casting mold market will have a far-reaching impact. In recent years, the domestic market for casting molds has become more and more fierce, and some weak mold casting companies have been gradually Merger or elimination.

The reorganization and annexation of the domestic auto industry has provided an important platform for the foundry mold industry. With the continuous improvement of technical requirements, the development of the automotive industry has also brought forth new technology and quality requirements for the development of the mold foundry industry. Therefore, as the automotive industry, It is bound to become an important driving force for the overall improvement of domestic casting technology.

The lightweight development of commercial vehicles has become an important measure for the promotion of the domestic heavy truck industry. In recent years, lightweighting of heavy trucks has become a development trend, and this trend is guided by the development trend of domestic mold casting. Judging from the current situation, domestic casting technology has reached a relatively mature technical requirements and can better meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Therefore, experts in the industry stated that with the development of lightweight heavy truck industry, China's casting mold industry will maintain a high-speed rising trend, and the development of the foundry mold industry under the development of a relatively stable heavy truck industry will also create a better performance. China's casting mold industry is bound to enter the track of rapid and healthy development.

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