Instrumentation industry has entered the high-end field

Instrumentation industry has entered the high-end field In recent years, with the development of energy-saving, low-carbon economy and other emerging industries, it has brought new opportunities and markets for the smart instrumentation industry, allowing the instrumentation industry to truly enter the era of digitalization, intelligence, and networking.

Smart meters have a good development atmosphere and environment in China. Emerging industries such as wind power, nuclear power, internet of things, smart grids, high-speed rail and rail transit have brought tremendous development space and market opportunities for smart meters. The continuous development of smart meters also promotes the development of industries such as energy conservation, consumption reduction, low carbon economy, and new energy.

In recent years, smart meters have become a new direction for the instrumentation industry, and are also an important force for seizing high-end, cutting-edge product markets in the future. Some products have reached the international level. The strong market demand for domestic smart meters is the driving force for the development of domestic smart metering technologies.

China's instrumentation industry is large in scale and relatively strong in overall strength, but it has a 10-15 year gap with the developed countries as a whole, and it is still relatively weak in high-end products.

This gap is mainly reflected in the technical level of the product and the engineering application technology of the product. The core components of China's smart meters are mostly based on foreign products or technologies. We have weak independent research and development capabilities, and our backward integration capability. The gap in high reliability, high performance, and high availability is relatively large. However, the actual application time of the project is relatively short, the application scope is not wide, and the application technology is not valued enough. The specific application technology for various industries and products has a greater gap with foreign countries.

Under the macro-environment and policy guidance, although there is a big gap between China's smart metering technology and foreign advanced technology, this gap is gradually narrowing.

In the field of high-end products, it has also begun to make breakthroughs, such as container testing equipment, mass spectrometry, multi-spectrum telemetry, etc.; and in the international standards related to smart instruments, China has also achieved a series of results. For example, the Ethernet EPA long bus for factory automation is used for the two standards of WIA-PA wireless network for process automation.

To make our country's smart instrument industry more advanced, we need to invest more resources and support in the technical level. Whether it is the training of talented people or the investment in production equipment, it will open up a new world for smart instruments and be more powerful. With competitive chips, we believe that in the near future, the smart meter industry will have a better platform and solid technical strength.

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