The female driver mistakenly hits the throttle when the brakes hit the high speed service area.

Female driver mistakenly pushes the throttle when the brakes nearly knocked over the high-speed service area fuel tank diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-07-28

At 11 am this morning, a thrilling scene took place in the service area of ​​Huaming Building, Hunan Changchang Expressway: A BMW SUV that did not hang a number plate entered the service area and was suddenly “feared” when it was ready to refuel. It crashed into a small car in front of it and made a leap. The refueling platform, knocking over the fuel tank, and stopping at a place less than 20 cm away from the fuel tank was a false alarm. The driver of the car admitted that he was unfamiliar with his driving skills and mistakenly used the accelerator as a brake.
"Scared to death! The car rushed from the outside and nearly knocked over the fuel tank." At the time of the incident, a staff member was at the service area and she found a car after filling up a white van. The BMW SUV with no number plate was brought in from outside the station. As BMW looked at the car, it was about to stop. However, he unexpectedly stepped up to increase the throttle and slammed the van directly. He immediately jumped on the refueling platform. Just before the moment when it was about to crash into the tank, the car suddenly stopped and it was almost in close proximity to the tank.
"If you hit the fuel tank, the consequences are really disastrous." The staff said with lingering fears. A few minutes later, a 30-year-old woman in the position of the BMW driver drove out in a panicky manner and did not seem to be injured, but the BMW car was damaged.
After a long-time high-speed traffic police inquired at the scene, Miss BMW’s driver Liu had just got a driver’s license for less than two months. The car was just a new car. At the time of the incident, she was preparing to stop and refuel. She was panicked at the moment and mistakenly used the throttle as a brake. Fortunately, after Miss Liu finally stepped on the brakes, it did not cause greater losses.
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