Two supporting documents for the petrochemical industry revitalization plan will be released in July

The “Petrochemical Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Planning”) published in the full text of the previous day triggered a strong shake in the petrochemical industry. However, because most of the regulations are still macroscopically general, when did it “land” and become the topic of most concern in the industry? . The reporter learned from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association yesterday that the two documents supporting the "Planning" are still under development and will be released in mid-to late July of this year. At that time, they will promote the "landing" of the "Plan".
“These two documents are the Guiding Opinions on the Structural Adjustment of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry led by the Industrial Development Department of the Petrochemical Association and the “Guiding Opinions on the Revitalization and Support of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industry,” led by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Petrochemical Association.” A person in charge of the Chemical Industry Association told the reporter yesterday, “The purpose of these two documents is to provide specific references for the structural adjustment and technical support of the petrochemical industry, and also to allow the principled provisions of the Plan to fall into place. Real place."
According to him, in the above two documents, the former will reflect the overall thinking and direction of the structural adjustment of the petrochemical industry, while the latter strives to exert the supporting role of science and technology in industrial restructuring, technological transformation, and energy conservation and emission reduction. Among them, the “Guidelines for the Technical Support for the Revitalization of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry” includes two major categories: first, advanced, applicable, and mature industry technologies; and second, major key common technologies that need to be tackled. The former needs to be promoted in the industry, while the latter needs to work together to solve problems. The draft documents of the two major documents are expected to be completed before the end of June, and after soliciting opinions from various ministries and commissions, they will be issued in the middle or late July.
“In fact, the current planning and supporting documents are not static. Every year, the state will fine-tune and amend the contents of the plan. After all, no one can guarantee that the current planning content is completely correct.” Said the responsible person said.

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