Fastest Group has achieved remarkable results in its “Upgrading and Upgrading Year” campaign

In 2008, Fast Company Group took the theme of “Restarting a New Year” as its theme, actively rectified and improved various work, continuously accelerated the pace of independent innovation, and strived to adapt to the needs of market development. Especially in the second half of the year, in the face of the impact of the global financial crisis, Fast has not only withstood severe tests, but has maintained a relatively good and rapid development momentum. The cumulative sales revenue for the year reached 6.592 billion yuan; production and sales of heavy-duty transmissions 467,500. Taiwan, with various operating indicators ranked first in China's gear industry for seven consecutive years, has produced and sold heavy-duty transmissions for the third consecutive year in the world. The series of new transmission products independently researched and developed by the company has reached the international advanced level in key technologies and core technologies. It has been selected as a fixed-point supporting product by dozens of domestic host plants, and is widely exported to the international market.

In response to the global financial crisis in 2009, the Fast Group seized the opportunity of a series of investment promotion policies such as “preserving growth, adjusting the structure, and expanding domestic demand” and extended the industry by adjusting the product structure. Chain, strengthen scientific management and other measures, give full play to their scientific and technological advantages, innovation advantages, brand advantages and financial advantages, and constantly accelerate the pace of product optimization and upgrading and innovation and development, and comprehensively expand the market leading role of the new transmission products of Fast, in order to promote the enterprise Good and fast development has laid a solid foundation.

Faced with the new changes in the market situation, the Fast Group Corporation transformed its pressure into an impetus and turned challenges into opportunities. It took the main battle to accelerate the pace of independent innovation, strengthen the management of enterprises, and enhance the competitive strength of enterprises, and used “reorganization and improvement”. , promotion, innovation, development, and climbing are the themes and will establish 2009 as the “upgrading and upgrading year” for enterprises, focusing on improving quality, improving the level, technological transformation, management advancement, energy conservation, consumption reduction, and cost reduction. We will fully promote lean production, conduct in-depth product "excellent engineering" activities, and do a good job in rectifying and upgrading all basic work. At the same time, give full play to its advantages in product, brand, technology, and capital flow, and constantly accelerate the pace of product structure adjustment, optimization, and upgrading. On the basis of consolidating the heavy-duty card market, we must keep a close eye on market hotspots, refine market demand, and actively develop personalized products. The "bright spot" products actively seize the market's commanding heights. The multi-speed, high-speed transmission new products fully meet the development needs of the National III heavy-duty truck market. The independently developed 10-speed transmissions, 6DS series transmissions, 8JS series transmissions and 4J120T, 5J100T A series of bus-dedicated transmissions and new lightweight, large-center-distance transmission products provide updated and optimized configurations for the user market with newer designs and higher quality, and have been implemented in many fields such as buses, medium trucks, engineering vehicles, and low-speed trucks. Breakthrough, sales of new products of the company now account for more than 60% of total sales.

At the same time, the company also continued to conduct in-depth rectification, improvement, and promotion of activities, and comprehensively do a good job of learning, improvement, and improvement in personnel, technology, equipment, energy, human resources training, and other aspects. It also formulated a specific implementation plan for responding to market adjustments, with innovations, product innovations, process innovations, technological innovations, management innovations, and concept innovations as breakthroughs, and actively promoted “6S” management and “10,000-thousand-thousand-yuan” employee innovation activities. Various forms such as improving quality, controlling costs, technological transformation, management progress, opening up sources, saving energy, and reducing consumption, further consolidate and expand the market, injecting new vitality into the growth and development of enterprises.

In the first four months of this year, Fast Group has realized a total sales income of 195.941 million yuan, completed a total industrial output value of 189230.93 million yuan, and produced and sold 145,512 automotive transmissions and 15,088 sets, fully satisfying market demands, and continuing to meet various operating indicators. Maintain steady and rapid growth.
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