Yuchai Group Holds Corporate Culture and Promotion Work Conference

On the morning of February 28, 2009, the Yuchai Group corporate culture and publicity work conference was held in the conference room on the third floor of the Power Building. The conference deployed corporate culture and advocacy work in 2009, and commended the advanced units and advanced individuals in the publicity work in 2008. Good news good works. Companies such as Zhang Jiasha, Liang Ping, Guo Deming, and Rao Yingxian, as well as propaganda workers from various organizations attended the meeting.

Liang Ping, secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, addressed the meeting. Liang Ping said that in 2008, the Yuchai Group’s propaganda team did a lot of effective work in corporate culture construction, internal and external publicity, public opinion guidance, corporate culture construction, responsibility awareness education, etc., and promoted major events and major events. A big fight, a tough battle and a win over the battle have effectively matched the company's production and operation management, successfully responded to various risks and challenges, and realized “rebuilding a Yuchai for three years” to ensure the smooth and healthy development of the company. Provides a strong guarantee of ideological opinion. The team’s passionate work appearance and fruitful work won the approval of the employees and was fully affirmed by the superior propaganda department. Yuchai Propaganda Department is well-deserved as the Yuchai Group's advanced collective.

In 2009, it was a happy year for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China. At the same time, it was a year in which the global financial tsunami brought great risks and severe challenges. Liang Ping demanded that the propaganda team should closely follow the group’s policy objectives and work in accordance with the work of the party committee. Give full play to the role of the party's mouthpiece, and strive to do a good job of corporate culture and propaganda in 2009 to better serve the enterprise, serve the employees, and create a strong cultural atmosphere and a good business management atmosphere.

At the meeting, Guo Deming, deputy secretary of the Party Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and the Minister of Corporate Culture of the Group, summed up the corporate culture and advocacy work in 2008 and made arrangements for 2009 work: First, promote the building of corporate culture and enhance the soft power of the company; Strengthen external publicity work in all directions to enhance the company's good image. Third, integrate all aspects of the company's operation and management, and assume the responsibility of the company’s eyes and ears. Fourth, strengthen the horizontal construction of newspapers, television, websites, and news centers on the four platforms; Internal strength, strengthening training, comprehensively upgrading the professional skills of news gathering and editing and communication team, and providing better services for the Group's propaganda work; VI. Promoting the implementation of social responsibility, implementing the promotion of social responsibility in daily work norms, and upstream and downstream industries Chain promotes corporate social responsibility.

The conference commended 8 advanced units for propaganda work. They were a cold processing plant, foundry, engine 1 plant, engine 2 plant, Yuchai Heavy Industry, property company, sales company, and accessories company; The company and the group unions were three excellent editors. They were Tang Ning, Huang Zhirong, and Zou Hui; 20 outstanding correspondents were Zhou Qinxu, Yuan Shiwei, Li Taibin, Liu Fucai, Tang Liyu, Chen Chaofu, Yang Caiming, Huang Ling, Yuan Aiguo, Chen Manhua, and Chen Xinghua. Wu Zhihua, Lu Jianwei, Fu Xiaoyu, Chen Jie, Liang Shanshan, Lin Peihua, Zhu Xiaojie, Tang Cuixia, and Xie Liping. In addition, the conference also commended 60 propaganda and activists such as Zero Kezhi, 40 pieces of good news works such as Li Qin’s “Green Consciousness and Responsibility Awareness of Head Men” and Liang Zhongming’s Yuchai Machine and Me on Everest. . Zhang Jiasha, Liang Ping, Guo Deming, Rao Yingxian and other company leaders presented prizes to award-winning companies and individuals.

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