Technical measures to prevent fireworks from entering mines

1. Install a fire door at the inlet of the wind inlet.

2. No flammable materials shall be used for buildings and structures near the wellhead;

3. There shall be no weeds or combustibles within 20 meters near the wellhead; no fireworks or stoves;

4. The air compressor room and pit wood yard should be greater than 20 meters from the wellhead.

5. The mine should be equipped with a fire equipment library and equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

6. If a fire occurs near the wellhead, it should immediately report to the local fire department and the mine leader. When the fire is small, organize the workers to extinguish the fire; notify the main ventilator room to prepare for the wind.

7. When the fire is close to the wellhead or the fireworks may enter the mine, the wind must be immediately applied.

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