Safety precautions to be paid when installing mining cables

1. When laying the cable, a safety officer should be set up, which is responsible for the safety of the whole process of cable laying.

2. The cable project should be specially designed on site to conduct unified command and dispatch of cable laying.

3. The construction personnel who participate in the cable laying should listen to the dispatching command of the field commander, and each of them will not be able to leave the post without authorization.

4. At the job site where the cable is laid, there should be no obstacles that affect the operation. Wear a helmet when working with other professionals.

5. When working on a high-altitude cable tray, wear non-slip shoes and fasten the seat belt to avoid falling from high altitude.

6. When laying the cable, the operator should stand on the outside of the cable and stand firm.

7. When laying cables, it is strictly forbidden to play and laugh, and never allow drunkenness to work.

8. Participate in the workforce, should be healthy, no heart, cerebrovascular diseases and high-altitude work discomfort.

9. When using electromechanical equipment to work together, the power supply of the electric equipment should be reliable. The power supply should be equipped with a leakage protection device and should be well grounded. Arrange for personnel who are familiar with the equipment to operate, and other nearby personnel should maintain a sufficient safety distance with the electric equipment.

10. When laying cables on the high-altitude cable tray, the transfer of the construction equipment items kydl_yyyq is transmitted by the transfer rope. It is strictly forbidden to throw. The ground personnel should avoid the aerial work surface and prevent the items from being bruised.

11. The safety officer shall be responsible and promptly identify potential safety hazards and eliminate and correct them. Those who refuse to obey the command and operate in violation of the rules should give warnings and stop. Avoid the occurrence of security incidents. Make sure that the cable laying operation is carried out safely and smoothly.

Disk Damper

Flat disk Rotary Damper mainly used for large diameter, small height space. Disk dampers provide energy absorption and rotational deceleration. We offer many different models from mild to extreme. Our disk dampers are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from scanner, and glove boxes to auditorium seating to. Disk dampers are designed to control and smooth out the opening and closing of lids, and doors.

Our damper is conducive to performing structural movement in soft, silent and safe environment, mitigating impact load, avoiding strike damage, prolonging mechanical life, reducing noise disturbance, improving product quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Anatomy of the Disk Damper

1. Please contact the corresponding product engineer for specific torque products.
2. Max. rotation speed: 50r/min
3. Max. circle rate: 6 cycle/min ( Clockwise360 °, 360 ° anti-clockwise for 1 cycle)
4. Operating temperature: -10~50℃
5. Storage temperature:-30~80℃

NO. Description Material
1 Shell SPFC
2 Cover SPFC
3 Shaft PA/POM
Disk Damper

Disk Damper Characteristics

Applied torque:(T)
Test Temperature: 23+/-5℃
Rotating speed: 20r/min
Durability test Metho: Clockwise 360 °, 360 °anti-clockwise
Rotating speed: 20r/min
Test Frequency: (1cycle/min)
Test Temperature: 23±5℃
Durability test cycle: 50000 cycle
Test result criteria: Store in the room temperature for 24 hours or more after the test, recording to the torque T=T±30%T.

Disk Damper Square Hole

The damper square hole coordinateswith the rotation axis dimension tolerance.

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