Silver recycling four ways and using pharmacy

Silver recycling technologies mainly include flotation, re-election and cyanidation, as well as the combination of these methods.

The cyanidation method is mainly for factories and mines with high grades, no smelters nearby, and inconvenient transportation. In order to increase the efficiency, silver- gold concentrates are selected, and then gold and silver are produced by cyanidation on the spot. Full mud cyanide-carbon slurry recovery. The difference from gold's total mud cyanidation is that natural silver, especially silver sulfide minerals, dissolves much more slowly than gold. It tends to use high cyanide concentration, long time, strong agitation and other strengthening measures, so the cost is high, sometimes The effect is not very good.

Flotation is the most important method for recovering associated silver. It is used to treat fine-grained inlays and silver minerals that are closely symbiotic with sulfide ore. Except for coarser silver, almost all of the dissociated silver can be recovered and recycled. Silver minerals are simple and compact, and tailings are generally non-toxic.

Reselection is used to process silver ore dissociated monomers, i.e., coarse, disseminated grain size of silver present in the free state, which comprises a centrifugal concentrator Nelson, short cone hydrocyclones, centrifuges. Heavy medium pre-selection, jigging, shaker, spiral classifier, Laibuchet cone concentrator. There is no pollution when re-electing silver, the grinding grain size is coarse, and the grinding cost is low. The disadvantage is that the silver recovery rate is low and the water consumption is large. Therefore, the flotation method is often used in re-election.

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