Acura RDX can not ignore the high-end

As the Honda's high-end car - yangko, it is no longer far from the fans. Through Acura's sales in the Chinese market, people's reputation and the price of models, we can see its high-end, but also can not be ignored SUV.

With the longing for the high-end car, and its high quality, let us come to the Henan Yan family used car to understand an Acura RDX [Import] 2013 3.0L tiptronic elite version , take a look at this car What are the characteristics.

Used Acura RDX detailed parameters please see the table below

Acura RDX is a compact high-end SUV based on the Honda CR-V. Compared to the familiar CR-V, the body of the RDX is more spacious and has slightly increased compared to the old RDX. The rearview mirror continues the style of the previous generation model. The pillars are designed on the door panel so that the blind area of ​​the A-pillar area can be reduced. The entire window edge extends up to the D-pillar, creating a large curved profile. Because this is a city-positioned SUV model, it does not use the body plastic anti-rubbing enclosure, the roof rack is too "off-road" element, the tail of the large size spoiler tail shows some sport elements, modular The taillights are linked by elongated chrome bars.

The interior of the Acura RDX has changed significantly from the older ones. The central control layout adopts split-type enveloping, and the position of the liquid crystal display above the center console moves upward, which improves convenience and safety. In terms of configuration, the new car has added many high-tech configurations, including a USB interface, a display integrated short message reading interface, and a multi-directional rearview camera. RDX is a leader in electronic technology. In addition to basic configurations such as Bluetooth connectivity and dual-zone climate control, it also adds convenient reversing cameras to assist parking and satellite navigation and XM satellite radio. The Acura RDX rear view impact system provides the driver with a fisheye lens effect, which makes it easy to keep the rear bumper in sight. Even parking in the narrowest parallel line is not a problem. The use of all instruments is controlled by highly reliable buttons and knobs. Acura ELS multimedia system is a prominent dial in the center of the center console. When you flip through the menu from start to finish, that operating panel acts as both the joystick and roll. The device also controls one of the highlights of the 410-watt sound system, which includes a technology suite of 10 speakers, CDs (6 can be fitted to the dashboard), DVD and MP3 playback capabilities, and Dolby ProLogic II vehicle Surround sound, in addition there is an auxiliary USB interface available.

Power, it is equipped with a 3.0L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 267 horsepower (196 kilowatts) / 6300rpm, the maximum torque of 298 Newton meters / 5500rpm. Compared with the 3.5L engine, the power is only reduced by 10 horsepower and the torque is 42 Nm. The cooperation with the engine is still a 6-speed manual gearbox. 3.0L's RDX Elite also has some control over hardware costs. Instead of using a four-wheel-drive system like the 3.5L model, it chose a pre-precursor structure to optimize some fuel economy while reducing costs.

High-end quality, high-end performance, shape today's songs.

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