Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane

HS Code: 84269900

Harbour heavy lift rail mounted port crane liebherr 20ton SWL Portal Crane ( GBM&GHE Marine Crane)

Environment of Rail Mounted Portal Cranes:

1.Power source is three-phase alternating current, rated frequency is 50hz,rated voltage is 380V

2.The temperature in the working environment should be in the scope of -200C -+45oC and the relative humidity is no higher than 95%(with dew)

3.In-service, the wind speed should be no higher than 20m/s; and out of service wind speed should be (35-42)m/s

4.The installation of the crane rail should according with the requirement of Jt5022

Port Crane product parameters: 

Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane

Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane

Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane
Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane


Reliable assurance of function

The key components are all international famous brand, the safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient.
Control system can be working stable in cold, high temperature, as well as the wind and sand in the harsh environment.
Convenient maintenance technology
It will take no more than 10minutes to reach the Location of adjustable.
It will take no more than 30minutes to reach the Location of adjustable area.
The maximum maintenance close to the time is not greater than 2h.
And equipped with GPS remote monitoring system to facilitate users to carry out equipment maintenance and management.

Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane

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Shanghai Guanhai Engineering Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd has started a new business model of general contract system through integrating powerful resources from different sectors of society. Based on our own advantages of engineering consulting, technology research and development, manufacturing and project management, we also united large amount of famous institutes, universities and manufacturers from both domestic and abroad to provide professional and personalized system solutions. We take our clients as first priority and offer the clients comprehensive service from consulting, design, material procurement, manufacture, installation and commissioning to after-sales service. Recently years our company has focused on Port Material Handling Equipment, and developed series products of Equilibrium Handlers.

Shanghai Guanhai Engineering Machinery Technology Co.,ltd adheres to the principle of "Mastering core technologies", we strive to live by quality and services and will meet the market through continuous innovation.
Ghe Zmpc Price Liebherr Quality Harbour Crane


Pre-Sales Service

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After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

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