Shanghai Power launched the first UHV live work to fill the technical gaps in this area

On December 15, Shanghai Power Maintenance Company first carried out the elimination of live work of 1000 kV UHV lines, and the technicians adopted the equipotential operation method at a height of 69 meters, successfully eliminating the safe operation of the 1000 kV AnTang â…¡ wire line Defects, to fill the State Grid Shanghai Electric Power in the field of UHV live work in the field of blank, Shanghai Power Grid into a new level of working level.

Seriously inspect the fault finding live work promptly eliminate

Starting from the Zhejiang Anji substation, the 1000 kV Ankang-II line that ends in Liantang Substation in Shanghai is an important channel for "sending power from Anhui to East." Line inspection staff in the daily routine inspection before, found Antang II line No. 350 under the tower phase suspension wire hanging clamp at the discharge sound, the further use of UAV confirmed that there are bolts loose phenomenon, the need for timely elimination of the lack of treatment. Currently, it is at the peak of winter peak load. From the perspective of ensuring the safe and stable operation of power grids, it is most desirable to adopt a method of eliminating and eliminating live parts.

9 o'clock that day, to participate in the live operation of personnel arrived on time and arrived at the scene, began the preparatory work. On-site technical manager Yang Qinghua carefully check all kinds of industrial equipment and insulation rope, to ensure that, after all he care tools placed on a clean felt cloth. Another member of the technical team Shi Liang preoccupied with the measurement of the scene of humidity and wind speed, "live work is a fine work, to ensure that workers meet the conditions of equipment, but also can not ignore the surrounding environmental conditions, work strictly to ensure the relative humidity of air at 80% below the wind speed can not be greater than 5. "

10 o'clock, the dispatch issued an order: "line reclosing has been successfully stopped, you can carry out live operations, on-site humidity and wind speed in line with operating conditions." Upon receipt of notice, the operator once again check each other to connect the components, measuring shielding clothing Insulation resistance to ensure that the insulation resistance in the standard range. No. 1 live operator Zhang Ming began to wear a full set of serious shielded clothing, his task is to complete the No. 350 tower under the wire suspension wire bolt clamping work.

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