Zhenhua Heavy Industry "Zhenhai No. 6" 400-foot jack-up drilling rig completed the launching of the water

Recently, Zhenhua Heavy Industry's “Zhenhai No.6” 400-foot jack-up drilling rig, which was built by the oil platform and offshore wind power project department, smoothly slipped from the front edge of the wharf to the “vibration semi-submersible” semi-submersible bar, and successfully completed the launch of the platform. The first step of the node--land slippage and over-loading operation took a key step in launching the platform.
Zhenhua Heavy Industry "Zhenhai No. 6" 400-foot jack-up drilling rig completed the launching of the water
It is reported that the platform began to slid from March 7th and successfully reached the front of the launching terminal after three consecutive transfers of 216 meters. In combination with the tides of the Yangtze River, the platform was successfully boarded at 6:28 in the early morning on March 17th, and it took only 2 hours and 28 minutes. It was reduced by half compared with the "Zhenhai 5". hour.
     Zhenhua Heavy Industry's increasingly improved platform launching technology optimizes beats, saves time, saves resources and improves efficiency while making record of innovations. At present, "Zhenhai No. 6" is working on untieing and repairing paint, and will arrive at the Changshu anchorage in late March to complete the launching operation.

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