What should I do if the bearing heats up during the operation of the vacuum pump?

As the vacuum pump in high-speed operation will be formed, the rotor speed is too fast will form a bearing support rotor fever. Usually formed during the operation of the vacuum pump bearing overheating for the following reasons.

1 valve cracked

When a valve ruptures, the pressure on both sides of the impeller will be unbalanced and the rotor will generate axial forces, which will increase the bearing load and prolong the bearing temperature. In this case should promptly replace the valve.

2-shaft end seal failure

When the shaft seal packing is damaged or blocked water hole is blocked, the formation of air from the damaged gap is sucked into the pump body, will form the pump suction and exhaust performance. As long as one side of the seal failure, the formation of pressure on both sides of the impeller imbalance, the rotor axial force, the bearing load increased, so that the bearing temperature increases.

3 bearing preload is too large

This situation will promote the reduction of bearing clearance or no play, the formation of bearing temperature.

4 sensational impact

When the pump or bearing a big sensation will occur when the bearing temperature is too high, see the pump body to find a cause of the stir, eliminate the sensation, the bearing temperature recovery.

5 smooth appearance

Increasing the amount of smooth grease is too large or too small, or grease does not meet the type, the use of too long may be smooth grease is polluting will form a bearing fever. At the moment, you should check the type of grease, ask the appropriate amount of manufacturers, adjust the smooth grease can recover bearing temperature.

5 bearing damage

Bearing rolling body and bearing cage damage will be accompanied by the appearance of bearing overheating. Bearing damage is timely replacement of new bearings.

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