NES wins orders for diesel-electric systems and power systems

Recently, the power expert Norwegian Power Systems (NES) has received two new contracts from maritime security expert Esvagt and fishery transport company Norsk Fisketransport (NFT).
NES wins orders for diesel-electric systems and power systems
Among them, NES will deliver the diesel-electric system for the latest wind farm service ship built by the company to Esvagt.
It is reported that the ship is also the sixth ship of Esvagt to adopt the NES system. The new ship, HD831 SOV, will be built by the Cemre Shipyard in Turkey and will be part of the Havyard Design and Solutions Company.
Another contract is to deliver power systems to NFT's new live fish carriers. The vessel is number 127 and is designed in the HD587 and built by the Norwegian Havyard Marine Technology Company.
NES's two contracts also include project management, power research and analysis, as well as commissioning and sea trials.

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