3D printing technology is a trend of personalized customization

3D printing will become the third manufacturing method in human history for thousands of years. This type of manufacturing is bound to be a share, and nobody knows as to how large it will be later. Today's global manufacturing industry has 60 trillion yuan (market size). If it reaches 1%, it will have 600 billion yuan; if it reaches 5%, it will have 3 trillion yuan; if it reaches 10%, it will have 6 trillion yuan. So this new manufacturing method will give everyone unlimited imagination.

At present, the entire global economy in the country is in a downturn. Someone jokingly said, "Either a war or a technical revolution will completely overturn the entire economy and resume growth." It is clear that a world war is unlikely and a technical revolution is more likely. Over the past 20 years, the Internet has changed many business models, and intelligent manufacturing represented by 3D printing robots will change the entire manufacturing.

3D printing personalized customization is the trend

What role does 3D printing have, and why does the government pay so much attention to it?

First of all, the birth of 3D printing can allow many industrial enterprises to use new technologies and achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. Second, 3D printing, like the Internet, will allow many entrepreneurs to use this technology to start a business. Third, 3D printing has nurtured many new consumer hotspots for this society, and personalized and customized consumption will form new economic growth points. Fourth, solve the aerospace problem. Domestic aircraft C919 is developed and manufactured using 3D printing. Fifth, solve many medical problems. For example, humans want to make organs. It is not very appropriate to use traditional methods. Because organs are all personalized, 3D printing is suitable.

First, how can 3D printing be theoretically designed? Second, after the 3D printing is integrated, it can be lightweight. The mold design previously used in traditional mode is not very good. The 3D printed mold structure design is very clever, and the cooling is very fast, which can improve the manufacturing efficiency. Thirdly, personalized products are more suitable for 3D printing, including personalized lampshades, Philips has done calculations, accounting for 3000 pieces directly with 3D printing, and accounting for more than 3,000 pieces with molds, because a mold is very expensive. In addition, 3D printing will produce home decorations and children's toys in the future. Because both families and children will pursue personalization above these. In particular, toys, like Lego, will begin to make toys as a whole, and now they will start assembling toys. The future must be a toy design, and even teach you how to design toys and print your own assembly. This makes children more fun.

These are currently mainstream applications for 3D printing. Although there are also 3D printed buildings and foods, there are not many applications.

3D printing technology and market are not mature

At present, there are several problems with 3D printing. All walks of life 3D printing has involved, including 3D printing teeth, bones, human organs, etc. are trying to advance, but have not formed a scale. This is a bit like the Internet in the late 1990s. Everyone feels a bit useless, but it doesn't use much. The real large-scale application of the Internet is the popularization of computers and the acceleration of broadband. Only when the society is popularized to a certain scale will it be heavy. Today's e-commerce and internet finance are formed after the Internet reaches a certain scale.

There are two difficulties facing our 3D printing company. First, promote technological innovation. Because today's 3D printing technology still needs a lot of work away from the final application, which is equivalent to the mobile computer in the 1990s, it also needs a technological breakthrough. Second, the market has not yet been fully stimulated. Many people may have heard about 3D printing, but there may be a certain distance for them to save money.

This is the two ends we face, the manufacturing side and the client side. The country also feels that this industry is very good and must be done. Like new energy vehicles, everyone knows the direction, but how do we deal with it? I think, first, the government must attach great importance; Second, China must have companies to dominate. Innovation.

In the past, companies doing 3D printing in China were mainly institutions. They did not use marketization as their intention to push, and the social atmosphere was not correct. Now the whole country and society have formed a relatively big consensus on 3D printing. For most domestic companies, they may be thinking of selling equipment, but the current consumer enthusiasm and interest have not been stimulated.

First in three dimensions in Hangzhou, our chairman is a senior entrepreneur, several senior executives are graduated from Zhejiang University, 80 years or so, are relatively young, we think more about how to make the industry bigger and better, how to market Is it oriented? Because we feel that a technology can only create value for customers, so that everyone feels useful, technology and products are useful, not that everyone feels good.

After a decade of exploration, we believe that the future applications of 3D printing, like the Internet, can never completely replace the offline. 3D printing cannot completely replace existing manufacturing. It is mainly used to solve some high-end problems in aerospace and national defense. The biggest market is to serve people's consumption. As for ordinary things such as automotive tires and mechanical products, these are used. The possibility of 3D printing is not great. So we have established three directions around people: First, personalized and customized industrial consumption. Such as lamps, accessories, consumer electronics, home appliances and so on. Second, educational spending. The child's stuff is everyone's most willing to pay. Third, medical consumption, such as 3D printing teeth, bones, organs.

We have done a lot of layouts in each of these three sections. The idea is to build an ecological environment in each section. If today is still selling equipment in accordance with the traditional model rather than the customer's experience and feelings, it is difficult to sell the equipment.

In an ecological environment, people will definitely make technological innovations. Someone will do business model innovation. Our head office is mainly responsible for business model innovation. Then through the acquisition of investment, let the domestic excellent companies join the first three-dimensional ecological technology innovation, and then use our ecological and business model to sell equipment, we sell more is a solution and model.

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