Chang'an Shenxiao Xiaoka's new product debuts soon, light truck chassis micro modelling

Recently, the 4th China International Trucking Fuel Contest successfully came to an end, and the selection results were announced. As the Changan Automobile's new product Changan Automobile's new product to promote the development of light vehicles, it was awarded the title of “Cleaner Champion”. .

The fourth truck fuel-efficient competition began in September 2011 at the China Dingyuan Automobile Testing Ground. This competition has attracted many major domestic truck companies to participate. According to incomplete statistics, about 10 brands and more than 20 models participated in the competition. As a business segment that adjusts Changan Automobile's product structure that is less light and light, and promotes the development of Changan light vehicles, the Changan Light Truck Division's product Changan Shenxiao for the small card market made its debut at the Fourth China International Truck Fuel Contest. .

In today's homogenization of products, especially trucks, the reliability and capacity of products are different, but the difference is not significant. China's commercial vehicles have entered the era of homogenization. At this time, the economy, comfort and safety of vehicles Sex has become a factor that users value, especially economical.

Economic efficiency is related to efficiency, related to input-output ratio, and more related to whether the product is fuel-efficient. For users, fuel saving is one of the most direct and effective factors that motivate them to generate their desire to buy. With the continuous rise of oil prices, domestic truck manufacturers have used fuel-efficient products as their selling point. Chang'an's performance in fuel-saving competitions has been widely recognized by industry experts and has provided fuel-efficient micro-card benchmarking products for users. By participating in the truck fuel-saving contest, more users have recognized Chang'an shrines, which has greatly improved the brand's popularity and reputation, and also provided the user with a professional and authoritative model reference.

Chang'an Shenshen will be the upper volume product of Chang'an light vehicle in the next 2-3 years. It is a small light truck with a mini-car model and a light truck chassis designed by a well-known domestic design company. The platform, workmanship, power, carrying capacity, and interior The appearance, appearance and other aspects have been greatly improved compared to mini-vehicles, with the advantages of large cargo space, large cab space, high safety factor, strong power performance, and high brand value. This time participating in the 4th China International Trucking Fuel Contest, it is precisely through the platform of the competition to demonstrate the outstanding performance of the shrine.

Through this type of competition, it is important for Changan's light vehicle division to mark other companies and to have a clearer understanding of the industry situation and the performance and characteristics of similar products, as well as timely adjustment of product strategies based on complementary strengths. At the same time, the acquisition of excellent performances by the shrine has strengthened the confidence of all employees in the Light Vehicle Division and strives to provide high-quality products to customers.

According to reports, Chang'an Shenshen has four major technical characteristics: safe, reliable, economical, strong bearing capacity and high comfort. The cab is designed with a protruding head, with a front wheel front and a buffer energy absorbing area, which not only meets the requirements of the country's frontal touch, but also improves the driving safety. The vehicle adopts a front disc rear drum brake system, which is simple in structure and easy to maintain. The standard load-carrying proportional valve ensures that the vehicle can be safely braked under the empty full load condition.

The entire vehicle, especially the engine, is calibrated differently according to different markets such as mountainous areas and plains to reduce fuel consumption, rationalize the use of power, and discharge better than the second stage fuel consumption limit. The bottom beam of the container and the subframe beam are contact welded, and the overall force and load capacity are stronger. The oil-filled leaf spring pin with heavy-duty technology, reinforced transmission shaft and thickened rear axle are adopted.

The Chang'an shrine will be officially launched in November 2011. After that, the performance of the shrine will be further improved through the fuel-saving competition, and its fuel consumption performance will be even better. In addition, diesel, single-double, long-short carriage products will also be launched in 2012.

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