Brief Analysis of Emergency Shut-off Valve Optional Use Points

Emergency shut-off valve is a new product developed in recent years. In engineering applications are increasing. During installation and commissioning, we also found some problems, some were construction problems and some were design problems. A good product not only the quality of the product itself better, the most important thing is to let everyone understand it, familiar with it, use it properly, in order to play its greatest role. Why use emergency shut-off valve As we all know, fire pipe network and living tube has always been two water supply systems, water supply by the two pump groups, from the pump room to the building a long distance from the two-way pipe water supply. In this way, it is also inconvenient to construct a pipeline with a large work load, doubling the pipe material, and identifying a certain pipe when repairing. Secondly, the fire protection pipe is not used for many years and is prone to rust. The pipe wall and the interface Thinning corrosion, usually without pressure, and in the event of a fire, the pipe suddenly increased pressure, easy to burst, resulting in the fire service system can not supply water. Third, Shanghai encourages pumps to pump water directly from municipal pipelines and no longer sets up underground pools. This will not only save the cost of pool construction, while avoiding secondary pollution of water sources. Maintaining the sanitation of the water source and ensuring the health of the people is the most important one. Because of these advantages, so this product is gradually being welcomed by everyone. Emergency shut-off valve works Emergency shut-off valve is a hydraulic control valve. Is composed of the main valve, throttle, pilot valve, pressure gauge and take over and other pipe fittings. When the inlet pressure of the main valve is lower than the pressure set by the pilot valve, the pilot valve is in the open state at this time. The pressure in the main valve cavity of the main valve is equal to the outlet pressure of the main valve, and there is a pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet. . When the fire pump starts, or when the pressure pump pump pressure exceeds the set pressure of the pilot valve, the pressure of the control valve of the pilot valve is increased by the inlet of the main valve, the pressure acting on the spring is increased, the pressure is reduced and the spool Down, so that the pilot valve closed, then the main valve inlet pressure through the throttle valve constantly added to the main valve cover cavity, due to the downward pressure on the valve flap is greater than the upward thrust, the main valve is closed. Please note that the key point is that the inlet pressure is less than the set pressure The valve has been open, the inlet pressure is greater than the set pressure, the valve is closed. There are many designers mistakenly believe that as long as the installation of the emergency shut-off valve, it will shut, without saying what conditions, it was wrong. More keyword search: Close the valve

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