Jiuding new material 165 million transformation of glass fiber production line

Jiuding Xincai announced that on August 10, 2010, the company's board of directors passed the "Proposal on Investment and Construction of "HSC Glass Fiber Production Process Optimization Energy Project", and decided to use deep pool cold top full fused technology for the company's existing glass The fiber production line will be reconstructed with a total investment of 165 million yuan.
Jiuding New Material introduced that the project was launched to ensure the continuous, rapid and healthy development of the company's glass fiber processing products. HSC glass fiber is a high-performance special glass fiber with independent intellectual property rights, which has significant high-strength and low-cost features developed by the company. This product fills the gap in the domestic market and its technical level has reached the domestic leading level. The company's use of HSC fiber reinforced glass fiber mesh for grinding wheels has the advantages of high strength and good resin bonding properties. It can meet the needs of ultra-high-speed cutting wheels and is widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. However, the stable and rapid development of grinding wheel mesh requires the continuous and stable supply of HSC fiber yarn. As the company's HSC fiber production line consists of 52 units and a pool kiln, the kiln age of the unit has reached the design period and is about to stop production. Cold repair. If no measures are taken after the cold-removal of the pool furnace is stopped, a supply shortage of HSC fiber will be formed for at least 3 months, which will have irreparable consequences for the company's production and operation. Therefore, the company will launch the above transformation project as soon as possible.
Jiuding Xincai pointed out that after the implementation of the project, significant energy-saving effect can be obtained. The use of this technology can also make the energy consumption of raw fiberglass ton fiber much lower than that of the “Pool-kiln method drawing wire production line” as stipulated in the “Entry of Glass Fiber Industry”. The requirement of energy consumption ≤ 1 ton of standard coal per ton of raw silk was also reduced by nearly 40% compared with the company's existing energy consumption of glass fiber drawing lines.
Jiuding New Material also disclosed that due to the needs of urban construction, the company’s land at No. 1 Zhongshan Road in Rugao City was repossessed by the government. The land use rights of the land were owned by Jiangsu Jiuding Group Co., Ltd., and most of the ownership of the property was owned by the company. It is expected that the government compensation will provide 35.36 million yuan to the company's house relocation compensation and loss of work allowance.
In addition, Jiuding New Materials achieved operating income of RMB 235 million in the first half of the year, an increase of 29.98% over the same period of the previous year; operating profit of RMB 669.69 million, a decrease of 9.50% from the same period of the previous year; and net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was RMB 6.9927 million. The year-on-year increase was 1.15%.

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