Description of pneumatic ball valve

1. Ball valve has a significant switch position indication: body, ball and handle an assembly unit, the handle is directed to the pipeline direction valve is open, the handle vertical pipeline direction valve is closed; even the worm head also with on / off instructions. 2 locking device design: In order to prevent the wrong switch operation, the use of flat stem in the switch position to set the locking hole to ensure that the valve is in the correct position. 3 anti-blown guide stem. Valve stem from the valve body or anti-blowing flip structure, and sealed by the sealing ring, even in the event of fire, packing burns, valve stem protruding parts can also be close contact with the sealing surface of the valve body, can effectively prevent leakage and Stem fly out to reduce the accident loss. 4. Anti-static design: the use of chrome-nickel stainless steel spring and ball so that the ball, stem and valve body conductive between each other, so that the non-metallic seat and the ball friction generated static electricity completely released. 5 fire structure: In case of fire or abnormal temperature softening PTFE burning, the seat ring supporting the fire sealing surface contact with the ball, play a role in sealing and API607 and API6FA specifications. Fire safety design, the seat inside the bearing surface precision machining a fire seal lip, when a fire valve burns, the fire seal lip and the ball to form a metal-to-metal seal, valve gasket gasket are used temperature-resistant graphite material, To ensure that no leakage of the valve in the event of a fire 6. Automatic pressure relief: valve medium chamber stagnant media due to temperature rise abnormal boost, the valve seat outlet with automatic pressure relief function, at the same time as needed, the valve body Install safety valve to ensure that the valve body with automatic pressure relief function to ensure pipeline safety. 7. Sealed emergency ambulance: Due to the accidental failure of the seat seal due to impurities or fire in the medium, the grease injection valve provides a quick connection to the grease gun and quickly and easily injects the sealing grease into the seat sealing area to relieve the leak. 8. Two-way sealed fixed ball valve: the company developed a two-way sealed ball valve, the use of import and export of two-way seal to seal more reliable, regardless of the valve single pressure, the cavity pressure (no matter what kind of pressure test method) can achieve zero leakage . Pneumatic ball valve sphere. Using the upper and lower two stem fixed. Work, the fluid pressure will not move the ball to the seat, seat will not withstand excessive pressure and deformation. Stem part with a self-lubricating bearings to reduce friction, the switch torque is small, the two valve seat spring preload. Teflon sealed with steel seal, the rear of the ring with a spring to ensure that the valve seat close to the ball. When the valve cavity pressure abnormal rise over the top of the spring force, the seat back from the ball, to achieve the effect of automatic relief, pressure seat automatically reset. The advanced structure of the fixed ball valve sealing performance stable operation, effort, long life, very suitable for long-distance pipeline and general pipeline. Universal ball valve with full diameter and reduced diameter two structures. For conveying Tielian, easy slagging media pipeline on the ball valve should be used full-diameter, convenient regular wax passthrough passage. Diameter ball valves should be used on the pipelines for conveying gas or the medium with the similar physical properties as water. The weight of the pipe is about 30% lighter than the full-diameter ball valve, which helps to reduce the pipe load and reduce the cost. Ball valve is a rotary angle valve of 90 °, excellent sealing performance, (full diameter ball valve) large flow coefficient coefficient of flow resistance, simple structure, long service life, easy maintenance. Products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, electricity, food pharmaceuticals, refrigeration, paper industry system control.

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