CITIC Heavy Industries puts into production the world's largest free forging hydraulic unit

The reporter learned from Henan Luoyang CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. on the 4th that the world's largest and most advanced 18,500-ton free forging hydraulic unit was officially put into operation at the company. This world-class, highly automated forging platform makes it easy to forge hundreds of tons of steel ingots like “kneading”.
Ren Xinxin, chairman of CITIC Heavy Industries, said that this hydraulic unit is the core symbol of the “new heavy machine” project with a total investment of 3.9 billion yuan by CITIC Heavy Industries. The current specifications and power of the unit are the highest in the world. The maximum upsetting force is 18,500 tons. It can forge 600 tons of steel ingots and 400 tons of forgings. The positive and negative errors of forgings are less than 2 mm. More than 44 times, forging a forging can do 10 actions at the same time, and one person can complete the operation. In particular, its hydraulic transmission system uses the world's most advanced pump control technology, which can greatly reduce energy loss and achieve more than 20% energy saving effect compared with traditional valve control.
Zhang Jin, executive vice president and secretary general of China Forging Association, said that the "world's most" hydraulic press was officially put into operation, marking the forging capacity of China's large free forgings to reach the world level, and will meet China's hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, and The contribution of large-scale free forgings for large-scale equipment such as hydrogen reaction, metallurgy and ships will contribute to the industrial image of large forgings and heavy equipment manufacturing in China.
Ren Xinxin introduced that since the hydraulic production unit entered trial production in March this year, it has undertaken a number of large forging production tasks, and successfully completed a total of 48 steel ingots of 100 to 300 tons in just 4 months. The forging task has successfully realized the molding and size control of shaft, plate, cake, ring and other products. The forging quality has fully met the process requirements and has the ability to produce large-scale high-end forgings. At present, CITIC Heavy Industry's large forging contract has been scheduled for 2012. According to forecasts, the production capacity of hydraulic units is expected to be released before the end of this year.
Formerly known as Luoyang Mining Machinery Factory, CITIC Heavy Industry was the 156 key projects built during the “First Five-Year Plan” period in China. In 1993, the overall assets were transferred to CITIC Group. Today, CITIC Heavy Industries has grown into a world-renowned high-end heavy equipment manufacturer.


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